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Mortgage Life 

Why Mortgage Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an essential safety net, providing your family with financial protection in the unfortunate event of your passing. From settling debts to covering funeral costs and replacing lost income, it ensures your loved ones are financially secure. But what about the significant burden of your mortgage?

Mortgage Life Insurance is tailored to protect your most valuable asset – your home. If the unexpected happens, this policy ensures your mortgage is taken care of, granting your family peace and security during a challenging time.

Understanding Mortgage Life Insurance?


Mortgage life insurance, commonly referred to as a 'decreasing-term' policy, pays out a lump sum to clear your mortgage in the event of your death. As you chip away at your mortgage over the years, the potential payout reduces, keeping pace with your diminishing mortgage balance.


The cost of a mortgage life insurance policy is influenced by factors such as age, occupation, health status, lifestyle choices like smoking, and the specifics of your mortgage. Envoy Financial's team of experts will guide you in determining the most appropriate coverage at an affordable rate.


Broad Coverage
Everyone's needs are unique. Whether you're older with existing medical conditions or a younger individual with a clean bill of health, our consultants ensure you receive the best coverage suited to your situation.

Seeking Broader or Additional Security?

Opt for Level
Term Life

Opt for Level Term Life Insurance. Suitable for those with interest-only mortgages or those seeking fixed payouts for daily living costs, childcare, or other debts.


Our consultants will help you navigate your choices.

Mortgage Life Insurance + Critical Illness

Pair your mortgage life insurance with Critical Illness Insurance. Secure a lump sum payout from the policy list if diagnosed with a severe illness.


This alleviates the financial burden, allowing you to focus on recovery without the immediate pressure of returning to work.

What is the Difference?

Traditional life insurance offers a payout to beneficiaries to use as they deem fit. In contrast, mortgage life insurance is laser-focused, aiming to cover your remaining mortgage balance. It's a dedicated solution to protect your home.

Trust Envoy Financial with securing this sanctuary. With our expert advice across mortgage life insurance, you guarantee your loved ones a home, no matter what tomorrow brings. Reach out today and let our mortgage and protection consultants expertly advise you on your insurance options.

Advice You Can Trust

I can't recommend envoy financial enough. When buying our first home Ross was amazing. Ross was patient and understanding. He was there to answer all our question morning and night. 

Sophie Borthwick


I entered this new life chapter with completely zero knowledge of how I wanted to proceed, one thing I did know was that I wanted to buy my first home. I was recommended Ross by a close friend.

Abby Todd


Couldn't give any higher praise to Envoy for their help in securing me a mortgage for my first home. Ross was absolutely brilliant and by far the most helpful and honest person along my house buying journey.

Liam Hopkins

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